Going Green – Beau Jo’s Pizza

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Belief in Sustainability

At Beau Jo’s, one of our primary goals is ensuring the safety of both our customers and future generations. That’s why we place such a premium on our environmental efforts. We’re proud to undertake several cutting edge energy saving measures that were implemented with a low carbon footprint and happy, healthy children in mind.

Beau Jo’s High Standard of Sustainability

At Beau Jo’s, keeping the environment in good shape is a top priority. That’s why all of our restaurants participate in local recycling programs, all of our uniforms are made from recyclable hemp and bamboo materials, every location uses longer-lasting, more energy efficient LED lighting, and all of our To-Go boxes and containers are biodegradable.

Beau Jo’s continues to strive for a 100% paperless office and we encourage partnerships with other green companies helping make a better Colorado.

Finally, all of Beau Jo’s new construction makes use of Beetle Kill Pine in order to save new trees from being cut down.

We’re Amping Up the Use of Alternative Power Sources

Our Evergreen restaurant as well as our office use 100% wind power. We also take advantage of solar energy; our Idaho Springs and Arvada restaurants (including our warehouse) have a combined 48 kWH solar capacity.

We’re working towards the goal of filling all of our power needs with clean, renewable energy sources.

Our Arvada location uses geo-thermal energy, heating and cooling techniques that are 4 times as efficient as using air conditioners.

By tapping ground water three hundred feet below ground, geo-thermal cooling creates a nice, refreshing restaurant during the summer without the need for compressors. During the winter, geo-thermal is used to heat our restaurant at twice the efficiency as common heating. Our Arvada restaurant is double the size yet uses the same or slightly less power than our smaller, older locations.

Looking Ahead to a Future on the Road

Beau Jo’s has a fleet of three Chevrolet Volts and two Toyota Prius’. Our electric vehicles average 1.5 gallons of fuel from Denver to Ft. Collins.

Beau Jo’s is also happy to support customers who are on the forefront of automotive technology. We’re happy to offer free electrical car charging stations at our Idaho Springs, Arvada and Longmont locations! Our charging stations are powered one-hundred percent by wind and solar resources. We are standing up for what we believe in.

Investing in Local Products

Beau Jo’s buys local produce, meats, cheese, and beer when available, minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing transportation.

Low Water-Use and Energy-Use Appliances

Arvada, Idaho Springs and Ft. Collins save up to 67% in water usage annually by using dual flush toilets.

We also rely on appliances that help reduce up to 75% of both water and energy usage.

Reducing Water use from our Landscape

Arvada, Idaho Springs, Fort Collins and Longmont all make use of xeriscaping, which reduces water usage and promotes the use of natural Colorado plant life.

Here at Beau Jo’s we are going above and beyond to ensure that our guests and employees’ health are taken very seriously.Learn More About Our COVID-19 Precautions
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