Beau Jo’s Official History


Our Founder, Pete ZaPigh (Za-Pie), an obscure French fur trapper of humble and indeed rather questionable origin, first appeared in the Idaho Springs area at about the time of the Colorado Gold Rush. How he got here is a matter of continuing speculation, the most popular theory being that of spontaneous generation. A second line of thought maintains that he arrived by cab from Trenton, New Jersey. Fortunately for the many devotees of Beau Jo’s Pizza, Pete possessed a somewhat less than working knowledge of natural history, and was attempting to trap a woolly mammoth, an animal for which there was little demand and even less supply. After several years of fruitless effort, ZaPigh decided that perhaps a new career was in order. At this point he disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft for two years and then emerged triumphant with a new Old World recipe for an Italian delight, which was to reshape the waistlines of food lovers the world over. Unfortunately, six months later, ZaPigh was stepped on by what witnesses claimed to be a woolly mammoth. Unknown to those who reached him first, ZaPigh had managed to carve his secret recipe onto the shell of a local box turtle who went by the handle of Beau Jo. For the next 75 years, gourmets around the world mourned the loss of the recipe. History does not mention anyone mourning the loss of ZaPigh, however.

Several years back, a fellow named Chip, while attempting to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, tripped over the long lived Beau Jo and re-discovered Zapighís recipe.

Our commitment to you, our customers, neighbors, friends and employees is that we will operate in a socially responsible manner. Creating the highest quality food along with healthy options and choices for those with dietary challenges. We also strongly believe in working towards a sustainable environment. With that in mind, we use wind power provided by Xcel Energy’s Windsource program, (we are currently the 16th largest user in the state of Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota), along with investing in solar panels, helping to power the Idaho Springs and Arvada restaurants. We conserve energy and water wherever possible. We use bio-degradable to-go containers, recycle and strive to buy products locally, reducing the environmental costs of transportation along with helping our Colorado economy.

In harmony with the environment, we use electricity generated by wind power.

Here at Beau Jo’s we are going above and beyond to ensure that our guests and employees’ health are taken very seriously.Learn More About Our COVID-19 Precautions
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