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What is Colorado Mountain Pie?

In Colorado, every day has the potential to turn into an adventure – and at Beau Jo’s, we think that your pizza should be just as exceptional. Creators of Colorado’s best pie, Beau Jo’s, is your hometown hangout and go-to spot for authentically delicious Colorado-style pizza.

So, what is Colorado-style pizza, anyway? It’s the kind of pizza you need after a day of exploring our great state, sold by the pound and designed to serve up an unheard amount of cheese, toppings, and sauce.

Named for the mountains of crust that create a one-of-a-kind containment system for your pizza topping of choice, our signature mountain pies are a hearty meal you’re sure to love. Ideal for family dining, post-adventure fuel-ups, and curing even the most serious of pizza cravings, the pies from Beau Jo’s are the stuff of Colorado legend.

Our Mountain pie has a hand-rolled edge of daily made dough creating a barrier to hold in a mountain full of fresh toppings, to satisfy an adventurous appetite. Our Mountain pie sizes comes in pounds, 1#, 2#, 2# and 5#. The crust offers a built-in dessert to be dipped in honey. We recommend a pound per hungry person when ordering sizes. Our prairie pie does not have a hand rolled edge and has a lighter amount of premium toppings. The prairie pie comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. The pizzas complement the different types of terrain here in Colorado from the mountains to the prairies.

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We Take Safety Seriously As You Do.

When you’re planning your next great adventure, you know that safety is key – and we know that you’d expect the same from your favorite pizza place. From expanded health precautions to safeguard against COVID-19 to our every day, above-standard food safety, and cleaning protocol, Beau Jo’s is always at the top of our game.

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