Going Green

Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza is committed to protecting our environment for future generations. Click below to see what your neighborhood Beau Jo’s is doing to protect your environment.

Free E-Car Charging Stations

Beau Jo’s offers Free electrical car charging stations at our Idaho Springs, Denver, Arvada, Boulder. Our charging stations are powered a hundred percent by wind and solar resources. We are standing up for what we believe in.

Wind source Power

Wind Power- Our Denver, Evergreen restaurants and our office use 100% wind power , Idaho Springs, Boulder and Arvada restaurants all use wind generated energy Used in combination with our solar energy program, all of our power needs come from clean renewable energy sources.


All restaurants participate in local recycling programs.


Our Arvada location uses 12 Wells 300 ft. deep – tapping ground water that cools our restaurant during the summer without compressors.
Geo-Thermal is 4x as efficient as using air conditionesr. During the winter, Geo-Thermal is used to heat our restaurant at twice the efficiency as common heating. Our Arvada restaurant doubled in size yet uses same or slightly less power than our smaller/older location.

LED Lighting

LED lights provide more energy efficient lighting and last longer than standard bulbs. All Beau Jo’s locations use LED lighting.

Solar Power

Our restaurants take advantage of solar energy. Photovoltaic panels harness the sun’s energy. Our Idaho Springs, Arvada and Boulder restaurants including our warehouse combined have a 48 kWH solar capacity.

Buying Products Locally

Beau Jo’s buys local produce, meats, cheese and beer when available, minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing transportation.

Biodegradable Containers

All To-Go boxes and containers are biodegradable, we encourage aluminum foil as to container to our customers, which can be recycled.


Our Boulder restaurant participates in Boulder’s composting program which is used for local farming.

Dual Flush Toilets

Arvada, Idaho Springs, Boulder and Ft. Collins save up to 67% in water usage annually by using dual flush toilets.

Low Flow Kitchen Pre-Rinse

Saves up to 75% of water usage.

Low Water Use Appliances

Saves up to 75% of energy usage.

Low Energy Use Appliances

Saves up to 75% of energy usage.

Additional Green Projects

Company Vehicles are hybrid or electrical – Beau Jo’s has a fleet of three Chevrolet Volts and two Toyota Prius’. With our electric vehicles we can average 1.5 gallons of fuel from Denver to Ft. Collins.
Building Materials – Beetle Kill Pine wood is used in our new construction to save new trees from being cut down.
Uniforms – Hemp materials and bamboo are used in the creation of Beau Jo’s uniforms.
Near Paperless Office – Beau Jo’s is currently striving for a 100% paperless office and we encourage partnerships with other green companies making a better Colorado.
We partner with other green companies making a better Colorado.


Boulder, Denver, Arvada, Idaho Springs, and coming soon in Ft. Collins. Xeriscaping reduces water usage and promotes the use natural Colorado plant life.

More Green Efforts

Watch for more green efforts coming soon.

View the Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism

Recently climate scientist Gavin Schmidt published a speech he gave on the big picture of climate change.
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