Beau Jo’s pizza restaurant prides itself on its family atmosphere, and on treating its staff as family.

And it was no different for Dan, who joined our Idaho Springs pizza team on November 20, 2002 as a

dishwasher … and remained with us for nearly 14 years! Dan recently retired on his birthday (August


“14 years for a dishwasher is really good,” says Beau Jo’s founder and owner, Chip Bair. “We really

appreciate all that he’s given us, the work that he’s done.”

“I spent more time here than I did at home. It’s just like a big family,” Dan reflected. “I just enjoyed

working here, and didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

What did Dan’s daily routine look like?

“First of all, I’d set the machine up, and get everything organized – all of the racks. And then it depended

on whether I opened or closed … but usually if it wasn’t busy, you just need one person to open.

Sometimes I’d do prep – I’d do the cheese and tomatoes and whatever else they needed me to do.

You’d help whoever was back there with you. That’s what I did.”

Dan says his favorite part of working at Beau Jo’s was “coming in and doing it. I was glad to be here.”

We certainly were glad you were here for all those years, too, Dan!

So, what’s next for Dan? He plans to stay in Colorado for six months or so before joining his sister,

nieces and nephews in Texas.

Enjoy retirement. We will miss you!

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and wish him well!