American standard pizza establishments have allocated millions of dollars per marketplace to influence consumers on how much a pizza should cost. There are countless offers for two-toppings pizzas for $5.99 or less.  At the grocery store, shoppers are prompted to buy two pizzas for $3.99, while the packaging highlights the pizza’s most valuable feature: Real Cheese. Huh? Do we really have to specific that we want real cheese on our pizza?

At Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza, we ask our customers to compare the ingredients while placing their pizza order. Everyone should ask themselves:  What’s inside my pizza box?

There are many ways that Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza differs from American standard pizza establishments.  Here’s our top ten:

Our pizza dough is made fresh, every three to four hours throughout the day.

Them: frozen

Beau Jo’s uses honey as our natural sweetener.
Them: sugar, more sugar, and high fructose corn syrup

We are Colorado local and source locally when possible.
Them: Other pizza places source the cheapest possible

Fresh ingredients and vegetables cut daily.    
Them: Pizza filled with sodium and preservatives

Count the pepperonis on your Beau Jo’s pizza!   
Them: No comparison

Most of our customers are full and satisfied after two or three pizza slices.
Them: Eating five slices, or worse, eating the whole pizza

We measure out our pizza toppings per ingredient.
Them: Other pizza places measure by total toppings

We measure our pies by the pound.  
Them: Measure by the slice

We offer a wide variety of choices: over 80% of our pizzas are custom ordered.
Them: “Sorry, that’s not on the menu”

Our gluten free pizzas are prepared for celiac disease with a wide variety of toppings (including dairy free cheese).
Them: Don’t offer gluten free pizza for celiac disease and if they do, it’s limited to cheese only.

When our customers factor in the quality of the ingredients, Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza is the best value for tasty, real pizza.  Our pricing is extremely competitive for fresh, wholesome ingredients.  Plus, our weekday lunch pizza buffet is available at five of our Front Range locations (excluding Idaho Springs).

Your body is the home you’ll live in forever, take good care of it and enjoy a wide variety of pizza choices, including our new quinoa, vegan crust.  At Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza, we serve up a bonus ingredient to our customers…NUTRIENTS.  Because we believe you deserve fresh ingredients with your Colorado pie.

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